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Asian big-headed turtle (Platysternon megacephalum). Photo: Sheena Koeth of Turtle Survival Alliance

Support the Turtle Survival Alliance Holiday Fund

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The Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) has launched its 2016 Holiday Fund Drive. Its goal is to raise $100,000 by December 31, 2016 so the TSA can continue to save endangered tortoises and freshwater turtles.

Please consider making a special year-end donation to support zero turtle extinctions.

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Myanmar Turtle Crisis

big headed turtle w Emeraid sheena koeth
Asian big-headed turtle (P. megacephalum). Photo: Sheena Koeth of the Turtle Survival Alliance

Emeraid LLC, a division of Lafeber Company, has donated a great deal of Emeraid for Exotic Animal Critical Care to the Myanmar turtle crisis team as they care for over 800 confiscated Asian big-headed turtles rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

This work is a joint effort of the Myanmar Forestry Department, the Wildlife Conservation Society, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, and the Turtle Survival Alliance.

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