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Many many many turtles in a truckbed Turtle Conservancy

Did you hear about the Palawan turtle crisis?

leytensis in holding pond

In June 2015, Philippine authorities confiscated over 4,000 turtles, many of them critically endangered Philippine forest turtles (Siebenrockiella leytensis), intended for the illegal pet trade. Enjoy LafeberVet's fun, NEW slideshow that explores our Emeraid donation for the Palawan turtle crisis as well as turtle medical care. 

Although medical supplies are not currently required, financial contributions are still needed for this important conservation effort. To learn more, visit Turtle Survival Alliance and Turtle Conservancy. These worthy organizations are entirely separate with independent funding.

Shown left, S. leytensis in a holding pond. Photo credit: Sheena Koeth of the Turtle Survival Center.

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