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Child w Stick A Roo

Little girl at Zoo Atlanta with a budgerigar parakeet (M. undulates)

June is National Zoo & Aquarium Month!

Lafeber Company's work isn't always tied to our family farm and production facility. Lafeber has worked with zoo veterinarian, Samuel Rivera, to create Stick-A-Roos, a diet for use in an interactive parakeet and cockatiel aviaries.

Click here to view the brief video that illustrates the Zoo Atlanta Boundless Budgies exhibit. Or visit our new Lafeber in the Field page for text &  photos on Stick-A-Roos.

And visit an AZA-accredited zoo or aquarium in your area to support a facility dedicated to providing excellent care for zoo animals and a better future for wildlife.

Nutritional Strategies for Parrots

Everyone knows seed-based diets are not recommended for companion parrots. Fortunately there are a variety of healthy nutritional strategies available:  pelleted diets, extruded diets, foraging diets--even bird food on a stick (or Stick-A-Roos)!

Amazon with berry

Blue-fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva)

Read Nutritional Strategies for the Companion Parrot by avian specialist, Dr. Susan Orosz, for more information on selecting thediet that will work best for your patient. Although specific recommendations vary, formulated diets should make up at least 50% of the diet. Birds that consume less than 50% are at risk of becoming deficient in several nutrients, including vitamin A and calcium.

Make Foraging Easy For Your Clients

Nutri-Forage cockatiel

Avian veterinarians agree that foraging should be encouraged and nurtured in companion parrots to provide mental stimulation and to minimize stereotypies such as feather damaging behavior. Read Foraging as Behavioral Modification by board-certified avian veterinarian, M. Scott Echols for more information.

Caretakers are often interested in the concept of foraging as well, but how many actually have time to follow through?

  • Distribute LafeberVet's client education handout: Foraging Behavior in Companion Parrots for fast, easy tips.
  • Introduce your clients to Nutri-Forage, a nutritious treat that makes dietary enrichment easy and fun. Nutri-Forage is heated until soft and warm, then packed into pasta or any safe item to stimulate normal foraging behavior.


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What techniques do you use to promote dietary enrichment in your patients, whether they are housed in home environments or zoo exhibits?

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