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Sep 25, 2012

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Gpig mom


Dystocia in Guinea Pigs

Visit Dystocia in Guinea Pigs for guidelines on the management & prevention of this important clinical problem.*

Intimidated by dystocia in g-pigs? Take our brief quiz to gain confidence in your clinical approach.

Care of non-traditional species is a balancing act that draws on "All One Medicine" (principles of diagnosis & treatment that hold true for all animals) and species-specific information--and never is this more true than when dealing with reproductive emergencies!

Egg Binding or Dystocia in Birds

Egg binding and/or dystocia in birds can be another daunting clinical problem. Visit Presenting problem: Shelled Egg Palpable for urgent care tips as well as Reproductive Emergencies in Birds, a review paper on common reproductive problems seen in the companion parrot. 

Rad egg cropped

Shown below: A normal radiographic finding in the hen gearing up to lay eggs is ossification of long bones or osteomyelosclerosis. Osteomyelosclerosis provides a critical calcium reserve needed to shell and pass the egg through the reproductive tract. Click here to learn more about this helpful clue that can point towards reproductive activity.


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