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Macaw Species ID Scarlet macaws (Ara macao) feeding. Image by Dr. LoraKim Joyner.

Featuring a flock of NEW fact-filled, bird-centric content on LafeberVet:

1. Are you using nebulization in your practice? Visit NEW Nebulization of Avian Patients for guidance on this valuable clinical tool.

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Featured Contributor

Nebulization of Avian Patients was co-authored by Kimberly Mickley, DVM, Dipl. ABVP-Avian of Lehigh Valley Animal Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania



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2. Which Macaw is That?

Use NEW Macaw ID Slideshow: Photos & Fast Facts for a review of species seen in captivity.

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Excluding 'Nebulization', much of this content was been featured first on Twitter. Follow Us for content updates and site announcements.

Girl with lorito

3. Did You Know…?

…the illegal wildlife trade is the 3rd largest black market industry in the world?

Visit NEW Understanding the Illegal Parrot Trade for 12 fun & interesting facts.

Partner With Specialists

Partner With Specialists

Need assistance with a  difficult case? LV has partnered with telemedicine service Veterinary Answers to provide consultantions in exotic animal medicine.


4. Aviculture Vocabulary & Concepts: How Much Do You Know?

Are you confident in your medical approach to pediatric health problems, but hazy on the details of incubation and hatch?

Use the images and facts provided in this NEW article to quickly review frequently used breeder concepts and terms.

About Us

About Us

Visit LafeberVet's About Us page or go to to learn more about Lafeber Company.

Flamingo turning egg

Quiz: Are You Ready to 'Talk the Talk' with Aviculturists?  
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