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basic rabbit care

Explore LafeberVet's NEW Basic Rabbit Care Teaching Module, designed for the veterinary technician or veterinary nurse. This teaching module can also serve as a clinical refresher for the veterinarian or a basic learning aid for veterinary medical students.

Upon completion of this learning aid, the participant will have a basic clinical understanding of rabbit taxonomy, common rabbit breeds and their disease predispositions, anatomy and physiology, behavior, restraint and handling, as well as husbandry needs. Each segment of the teaching module includes a brief quiz that tests your knowledge. Completion of the entire teaching module will take a little over 1 hour.

Visit the LafeberVet Teaching Module page.

NEW Rabbit Anatomy Basics [slideshow video]

rabbit incisors cropped square NEW Rabbit Anatomy Basics* explores key teaching points of rabbit anatomy and physiology.

This 22-minute recording begins with the rabbit eye, ear, nose, and throat. The slideshow spends some time on gastrointestinal tract anatomy and physiology before touching on unique features of the rabbit such as the musculoskeletal system and calcium metabolism.

Featured contributors

Bret Meckel

LafeberVet was fortunate to have multiple perspectives for critique of this new slideshow. The Rabbit Anatomy slideshow was evaluated by:

  • Veterinary medical student educator, Jörg Mayer DVM, MS, DABVP (Exotic Companion Mammal Practice), DECZM (Small Mammal)
  • Veterinary technology educator, Bret Meckel, DVM (shown left)
  • Director of Nursing in a busy private practice:  Lorelei Tibbetts, LVT, VTS (Exotic Companion Animal-Clinical Practice)

NEW Rabbit Breed Basics [slideshow]

multi sized rabbits

Photo credit: Králík_novozélandský_bílý Ervinpospisil via Wikimedia Commons

Rabbits come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. The American Rabbit Breeder Association currently recognizes 49 rabbit breeds, and the number listed by the British Rabbit Council is even higher.

Although many house rabbits have several different breeds in their background, there are some breeds commonly seen in clinical practice. View NEW Rabbit Breed Basics Slideshow* to learn more or just for a quick review.

NEW Infographic featured in our updated Rabbit Care handout

rabbit infographic

This updated & improved educational handout reviews basic rabbit care for veterinary clients, including diet, housing, including "bunny proofing", and handling.

The Basic Rabbit Care client handout also features an infographic that illustrates how dietary recommendations differ in young bunnies, postpubescent individuals, and mature adults rabbits. 

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