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Avian Respiratory Anatomy, Physiology & Diseases:
An Overview

The speaker, James Morrisey, DVM, DABVP (Avian Practice) is getting ready to welcome you to this complimentary, interactive webinar, R.A.C.E.-approved for 1-hour of continuing education. See you there!

TODAY: Wednesday, February 22, 2017

3 pm EST (UTC-5) -
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The avian respiratory system has several unique and fascinating adaptations for flight that are important to clinicians. This lecture will give an overview of the anatomical features of the avian respiratory tract and discuss the physiology of the respiratory system. Clinical correlates will be pointed out as we go through the anatomy and physiology of our feathered friends. We will then discuss clinical signs of respiratory disease in birds and how we can use these signs to help us anatomically locate the origin of the problem to the upper respiratory tract, the major airways, the pulmonary parenchyma and coelomic cavity. This can better shape our diagnostic and therapeutic approach to our patients. We will then discuss emergency management of birds in respiratory distress with reference to these anatomic locations. We will conclude with a review of some important diseases, including diagnosis and treatment, that affect each region of the respiratory tract. 

Download the 3+ page outline: PDF (119 KB)

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