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The association between pigeons and humans goes back for millennia. Humans eat pigeons. We use them in lab animal medicine. We care for them as cherished pets or aviary birds. We use their athleticism in competitions and for entertainment, and in the past we have even flown them for important communications.

NEW Pigeon Disease Primer review article

oriental frills

Photo credit: Ómar Runólfsson

Geared to serve the busy practitioner, NEW Pigeon Disease Primer explores differential diagnoses for common clinical problems from non-specific signs of illness and vomiting or diarrhea to respiratory signs, conjunctivitis, and neurologic deficits.

This review article also include succinct and helpful summaries on important columbid diseases including (but not limited to) paramyxovirus-1, trichomoniasis, pigeon circovirus, and pigeon poxvirus.

Featured contributors

christine higbe

Pigeon Disease Primer was co-authored by Dr. Christine Higbie (shown left), resident in zoological medicine at Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine.

The Primer was critiqued by:

NEW Pigeon Anatomy & Physiology: 15 Facts

dragoon head bodlina arrows cropped square

Photo credit: Bodlina via Wikimedia Commons

If you are comfortable with psittacine bird anatomy and physiology, then you are well on your way to understanding pigeons.

In NEW Pigeon Anatomy & Physiology, LafeberVet has listed 15 interesting and clinically significant facts about columbiform anatomy and physiology from unique features of the pigeon gastrointestinal tract to markers of renal disease.

NEW Order Columbiformes: Species & Breeds

victoria crowned pigeon

Photo credit: Art G

Think you know pigeon and dove species and breeds? Pigeons and doves belong to order Columbiformes and family Columbidae. Within family Columbidae, there are five subfamilies consisting of 42 genera and 308 species! Pigeons and doves are found on every continent except Antarctica, and they live in virtually all types of terrestrial habitats.

Test your knowledge base or learn more with LafeberVet's NEW Order Columbiformes: Species and Breeds.

NEW Pigeon Fancy: Talk the Talk

pigeon in box closeup

Photo credit: James Brunskill

What is "pigeon fancy"?

What's the difference between racing, ornamental, and flying pigeons?

What is the meaning of terms like dovecote, homer, nestplay, widowhood and squeaker?

Learn this and more in NEW Pigeon Fancy: Talk the Talk, reviewed by avian veterinarians Roger Harlin and Thomas Tully.


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