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What were the 5 most popular posts in 2016?

Intubation Turtle Nevarez

1. Spotlight on Anesthesia and Analgesia in Reptiles*

Presented by Javier Nevarez, DVM, PhD, DACZM, DECZM (Herpetology), the recording of this R.A.C.E.-approved webinar "Spotlight on Anesthesia and Analgesia in Reptiles" is almost as popular as the live event!

View the video, then download the PowerPoint file graciously shared by the presenter, then review the expert Q+A.  Although many webinar chatbox questions were answered during the live session, the (large number of) remaining questions were answered by email and are summarized online.

2. Best Practices:  Cytodiagnosis in Exotic Pet Practice* 3. Esophagostomy Tube Placement in Birds*
veterinarian w bird and microscope

Presented by Terry Campbell, MS, DVM, PhD, this R.A.C.E.-approved webinar Cytodiagnosis in Exotic Pet Practice explores the basics of this simple, rapid diagnostic procedure, Techniques that apply to exotic companion mammals are reviewed as well as specimens unique to birds and reptiles, including tracheal washes, crop aspirates or washes, gastric washes, sinus aspirates, lung washes, and fecal smears.

etube falcon Forbes

Authored by Don Harris, the owner of Miami, Florida's first exotics-only veterinary hospital, Esophagostomy Tube Placement in Birds offers step-by-step guidance on tube placement in birds and clinical tips on feeding birds via esophagostomy tubes. This review article also offers advice on an assortment of clinical concerns including e-tube placement in long-necked avian patients.

4. Quality Exotic Small Mammal Anesthesia* 5. Basic Rabbit Care Handout & Infographic
intubation rabbit Nugent-Deal

Presented by veterinary technician specialist, Jody Nugent-Deal, this web-based seminar Quality Exotic Small Mammal Anesthesia explores clincial anesthesia in exotic companion mammals, from patient assessment and anesthetic induction to monitoring and recovery. The use of common premedication, induction, and maintenance agents as well as post-operative analgesics are compared and contrasted. Regional anesthesia and multimodal anesthetic techniques, such as epidural anesthesia and constant rate infusions, are also discussed.
handout screenshot

This popular client education tool: Basic Rabbit Care Handout and Infographic, was featured as a part of LafeberVet's Basic Rabbit Care Teaching Module. Designed for training nursing staff, this module can also serve as a clinical refresher for the veterinarian or a basic learning aid for veterinary medical students. Other features of the Basic Rabbit Care Teaching Module include Rabbit Anatomy Basics [slideshow video with audio] and Rabbit Breed Basics [slideshow].

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* There will be open access to the links listed above for a limited time only.


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