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What were the 5 most popular posts in 2017?

Avian Respiratory Anatomy, Physiology and Diseases: An Overview

1. Avian Respiratory Anatomy, Physiology & Diseases: An Overview*

Presented by James Morrisey , DVM, DABVP (Avian Practice), the recording of this R.A.C.E.-approved webinar Avian Respiratory Anatomy, Physiology & Diseases is almost as popular as the live event! View the video, then take the brief post test to earn 1 hour of CE credit and review the expert Q & A. Although many webinar chatbox questions were answered during the live session, the remaining questions were answered by email and are summarized online.

2. Bearded Dragon Infectious Disease Slideshow* 3. What Parrots Want: The Importance & Use of Foraging and Enrichment*
Bearded Dragon Infectious Disease Slideshow

Contributed by veterinary pathologist Nicholas Crossland, LafeberVet’s Bearded Dragon Infectious Disease Slideshow is intended to serve as a quick reference guide for the private practitioner on some of the more common infectious diseases of this popular companion animal, from Chrysosporium anamorph of Nannizziopsis vriesii (CANV) complex or "yellow fungus disease" to cryptosporidiosis.

grey parrot holding will work for food nico sign

Presented by Yvonne R.A. van Zeeland, DVM, MVR, PhD, DECZM (Avian), DECZM (Small Mammal) this web-based seminar What Parrots Want: The Importance & Use of Foraging and Enrichment explores normal behavior in parrots, the use of environmental enrichment, as well as research to identify the behavioral needs of psittacine birds. View a recording of this R.A.C.E.-approved webinar then take the brief post test to earn 1 hour of CE credit.

4. Emergency & Critical Care Teaching Module* 5. A Guide to Nasotracheal Intubation in Rabbits

Designed to comply with facility certifying requirements for the Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society, LafeberVet’s Emergency and Critical Care Teaching Module explores the basics of exotic animal critical care while helping veterinary professionals navigate the balancing act necessary when caring for exotic animals in an urgent care setting. Level 1 reviews the basics of exotic animal critical care while Level 2 explores key learning points for each taxonomic group:  birds, exotic companion mammals, and reptiles.

Nasal intubation on a rabbit

Intubation is the gold standard for all anesthetized patients. Both orotracheal or nasotracheal techniques can be challenging in rabbits, requiring both patience and practice. Authored by veterinary technician specialist, Katrina Lafferty, the popular phototutorial article, Nasotracheal Intubation in the Rabbit, is designed to help the clinical veterinarian and veterinary nurse fine tune their clinical technique.

What Did You Miss in 2017?

Dr. Michael Lierz

Dr. Michael Lierz 
2017 Avian Practitioner of the Year

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