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New Basic Information Sheet

LafeberVet’s NEW Basic Information Sheet: Virginia Opossum is a comprehensive summary designed to help veterinary medical staff approach the intake of animals presented for wildlife rehabilitation or as cherished pets.

This Basic Information Sheet explores Virginia opossum natural history, diet for free-ranging animals and captive individuals, housing, behavior (from reproductive behavior and parental care to defensive behavior), anatomy/physiology, preventive medicine essentials, important medical conditions, potential zoonoses—including rabies virus infection—and more.

LafeberVet Info Sheets on most exotic animal species focus only on the basics and refer users to additional content on our website. Our new opossum info sheet is a more extensive document since this is the first time this species has received the full attention it deserves! (All LafeberVet Basic Information Sheets are open access, login to view references).

Featured Contributors

kathy dunca with opossum

LafeberVet’s new Information Sheet was critically reviewed by renowned marsupial veterinarian, Cathy Johnson-Delaney, and licensed wildlife rehabilitator, Kathy Duncan (shown left), of Pacific Wildlife Care, who specializes in the care of opossums, squirrels, and small mammals.

New Client Education Resource

opossum by tony alter

Check out LafeberVet’s latest addition to our extensive client education library:

Care of the Virginia Opossum

This client education handout reviews the basics of the pet opossum diet, caging, behavior, as well as common health concerns.

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